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Kano civil servants groan over salary deductions


By Ismail Auwal

Civil servants in Kano state have cried out over the incessant deductions of their salaries and pensions by the state government.

The workers have complained that the state government has been illegally deducting their monthly salaries without their expressed consent, or providing clear justification for such action.

A primary school teacher (name withheld) has also complained that for the past four months the state government has been deducting significant amount from his salary without any notice.

He added that, “The government is making life difficult for us. Prices of commodities keep increasing, while the government is compounding our situation by trying hard to ensure that we have failed our families.”

Another teacher who spoke about his plight, said that if Kano state government cannot increase workers’ salaries at this difficult time, it should not deduct from their meagre wages.

The Chairman of Kano state chapter of Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Kabiru Ado Minjibir, has strongly condemned the illegal deduction of workers’ salaries by the government without giving notice or justification.


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