Kano Council of Ulamas didn’t endorse Tinubu- Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil



By Abba Gwale

Contrary to the reports circulating in both mainstream and social media, that Kano state Council of Ulamas has endorsed the presidential ambition of Chief Bola ahmed Tinubu, the Chairman of the Ulamas’ Council, Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil, has denied the insinuation that the Council has taken such a political stand.

Sheikh Khalil also emphasized that, Tinubu was in Kano to attend the wedding fatiha of Sheikh Bn Usman’s daughter, and there was nothing in his schedule to meet with the Council of Ulamas, talk less of seeking for their endorsements of his rumoured ambition.

“Ulamas and Imams in Kano have diverse political allegiance, and thus it’s impossible to imagine getting all of them to endorse a single candidate. This report about endorsement of a particular candidate is absolutely not true.”

Some media outfits (not Sahelian Times) quoted Shehu Shehu Maihula to have endorsed Chief Tinubu’s presidential ambition, on behalf of the Kano’s Council of Ulama. Maihula allegedly told the APC chieftain that, “You Bola Tinubu brought to Buhari the Muslim’s and Christian South to mend fences with the North for him to achieved his long time desire.”

“This we will recipricate and recipricate well, by giving you all the necessary support you require to achieve your desire, this is an assurance to you for what you have done for us,” added Maihula.

Sahelian Time’s finding confirmed that Maihula is not the Chairman of the Council of Ulamas, and didn’t seek their consent to make that sweeping but disputed endorsement.

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