By Salim Yunusa


The Kano State Private Health Institutions Management Agency (PHIMA) in its ongoing campaign to sanitize the private health sector in the state, discovered and shut down an illegal Traditional Medicine Center called Sahabi Integrated Alternative Medicine Center at Gwammaja, near Mumbayya House in Dala Local Government Area of Kano State.


The Agency, during the visit on Wednesday, October 6th, found patients admitted with various illnesses ranging from diabetes, hypertension, sickle cells aneamia etc.


The herbalist was found using medical apparatus like stethoscope, sphygnomanometer and other Medical diagnostic kits which he has no training or information about the science on how to operate these equipments. This is an act of quakery and contravens the laws and guidelines of PHIMA.


The agency is highly grateful to the populace of Dala LGA for reporting such a quak who is edangering the lives of people with this unhealthy practices, the agency will deal with the culprit in accordance with the guidelines of the Agency and will continue to collaborate with the good people of Kano and other relevant stakeholders to fight quakery in the state.


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