By Salisu Uba Kofar Wambai

Kano politics is unique, unmatched, and unparalleled in all its ramifications. The uniqueness begins from its genres of political communication. The encapsulation of comedy, funny utterances, and other rhetorics in the body politic define Kano politics since first republic. One can authoritatively posit that the Kano way of political propaganda through name calling and other propaganda techniques cannot be found anywhere in the world.

The other philosophy and unequaled precept that distinguished its politics is the radicalism and politics of ideology. It is the home of Malam Aminu Kano, the renowned emancipator of masses and the leader of Nigeria’s democracy of doctrine and ideologies. The ideology taught by a past generation of kano politicians is always passed from generation to generation and this will explain to you why no matter the circumstances, our governors must work harder than other governors of Nigeria to win electorates support and every governor is struggling to wipe the history of the former in the area of projects executions. Even when the politics of corruption and deception take the center stage nationwide. Many didn’t know this secret of kano distinct way of politics. It is our talisman.

However, you can’t super impose a candidate in Kano politics no matter who the hell you think can control and influence public opinions. There’s easy swings in loyalty in it, therefore, it is the electorates that decide their fate. The maxim of collecting any candidate’s money and vote your choice on election days is attributed to Malam Aminu Kano. It is still very relevant in Kano politics.

Looking at the two camps of Kano political heavyweights today will be interesting analysis. APC as a ruling party is very strong force to reckon with. It has encompassed renowned politicians like Shekarau, Kabiru Gaya, and what have you. The party has become an escaping ground of many seasoned politicians who cannot stand Kwankwaso’s kind of power grip in the PDP. Most of them same the politics of the past.

Despite the fact that these sets of politicians are not relevant to APCs camp and they’re not happy with the way and manner the Ganduje’s government is being run especially the land matters and prioritization of projects that only serve the interest of the governor to earn his mighty 10%. Let alone how the chairman of the APC and his cronies run the party as if they’re military dictators. Nothing like internal democracy. And the chairman’s utterances has become a source of worry and sorry to those party followers who want to see the sustenance of the party’s success come 2023.

Now that the struggle for 2023 has started and the politicians have already beat the drum. APC is facing threat and uphill task to who’s going to take after Ganduje. One can easily fathom and decipher from the hottest exchange of politicians how tough the politics will be.

The top contenders so far are the deputy governor, Nasiru Gawuna, who remains mute, and the commissioner for local government affairs, who’s considered to be Ganduje, and his wife’s anointed son, is doing all the talks for the deputy governor. The seconder is the senator of the kano north senatorial constituency and chairman senate committee of appropriations, Barau I. Jibril.

However, the recent outburst by the Goggo, the wife of the governor, who let the cat out of the bag, bluntly showed governor’s support with the deputy governor’s camp even though the commissioner of the information spin her statements as to where he said: she wasn’t understood, her utterances were twisted. The other contenders are AA Zaura and Barrister Inuwa Waya.

It seemed the governor is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. It is undeniable fact that Senator Barau is the man of the moment. His political machinery is increasingly gathering momentum and he’s believed to be the man who can challenge PDP Kwankwasiyya political movement in popularity and funds wise. But the governor seemed not with him. And the deputy governor Gawuna has no political and economic wherewithal to fight Kano seat. Nobody will argue this. So, if the governor mistakes the gubernatorial candidate, it is at his own risk, for his sworn enemies may likely grip on to power and he knows the consequences.

The recent meeting of three senators: Sen Shekarau, sen. Gaya, Sen Barau, and some house of representative members like Shaaban Sharada and Abdulkadir jobe felt that they’re relegated and marginalized to mere party members during local government party executives positions election recently conducted and the upcoming Saturday state executive party positions contest. It is a clear pointer that the party is facing serious intraparty wrangling. And such a tussle easily becomes the undertaker of a ruling party.

PDP as the opposition party is facing its kind of internal wrangling between the Kwankwasiyya political movement and the Aminu Wali’s camp, former minister of foreign affairs, one of the remaining PDP founding fathers and member of the PDP board of trustees. There have an intense struggle to who will control the party at the state level. Wali’s camp is accusing Kwankwaso of total domination of the party and blaming him of anti-party activity during 2019 general elections when Atiku Abubakar contested for presidency. Kwankwasiyya is equally boasting their number of supporters, the popularity of their grand leader, Rabiu kwankwaso, the former Kano state governor.

As things keep on twisting by day, we wait to see how far the gum will be shot into the air.


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