Katsina school attack: They shot my colleague in the leg — survivor


By Abba Gwale

A survivor of yesterday’s attack at Government Secondary School Kankara has said that three of his close friends were among the kidnapped students of the school and one of them was shot in the leg while running for his dear life.

Speaking in an interview with Sahelian Times, the survivor, Muhammad Abdulaziz, narrated that they were at the hostel when they started hearing gun shots but they did not sense any danger until the gun shots came very close to them.

“We thought the shooting was not withing the school premises like we used to hear gunshots outside the village almost everyday. But we soon realized that it’s right inside the school and we were told to go back to hostel but the shooting continued,” he noted.

He said when they realized that the bandits were already in the school premises, they started running for their lives with some of the students jumping over the fence to escape.

According to him, one of the students broke his leg in the stampede, while the kidnappers also shot one of them in the leg.

“Three of my friend were missing, they are among the victims, they shot one person while we were running but he was since taken to hospital for treatment, ” he said.

According to him the bandits did not come with any vehicle.

Alhaji Farouk, a resident of Kankara village, said two of his sons are among the students who were kidnapped by bandits last night in Government Secondary school Kankara in Katsina state.

During his interview with Sahelian Times, Alhaji Farouk said two of his sons Muhammad and Ahmad are still missing but he is hopeful that security agencies will do their possible best to rescue the students.

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