By Isma’il Auwal


Former counsels to the embattled Sheik Abduljabar Nasir Kabara have given him an ultimatum of two weeks to file the allegations he raised on them to a proper body or they will take legal action against him.



SAHELIAN TIMES has gathered that the cleric who’s standing trail for blasphemy accused his lawyers of calling his wife without his consent, something he said he was suspicious of the motive.


The embattled cleric also accused them of deliberate sabotage of his case by asking him not to respond to questions in the previous court sitting.


In the same vein, the Sheikh alleged that the lawyers collected the sum of N300,000 to prepare a press conference and clear his name on his behalf but they failed to do it.


However, Barrister Rabiu Shuaibu, a member of the legal team representing the sheik before upper Sharia Court Kofar Kudu before they announced the withdrawal of their services to him denied the allegations in an interview.


“When a client raises an allegation against his lawyers for professional misconduct, it is the law and the rules of professional ethics that, there is an avenue created for that client to go and lodge his complaint.


“When a client complain against a legal practitioner, the legal practitioner will be asked to reply and defend himself by narrating all that transpired between him and his client,” he noted.


“And we direct him to lodge that complaint before that body within two weeks, otherwise we will take all necessary legal action against him,” he explained.


However, Shuaibu refused to response to questions on why they withdrew Sheik Abduljabbar’s case,saying “by answering the question I will violate the rules of professional conduct of a legal practitioner. ”


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