Lekki Shootings: Sanwo-Olu to hand over CCTV footage to panel.


Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has assured that the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage obtained from the Lekki toll plaza will be handed over to the panel of inquiry looking into the shootings.

Mr. Olu made the promise while featuring on the ‘Connect the World with Becky Anderson programme’ on CNN on Monday, while responding to questions on the shootings at the Lekki toll plaza on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

The governor said no blood stains were seen at the Lekki toll plaza when it was inspected but added that two persons had been reported dead.

He said, “Two dead bodies, that is what we have seen from all the morgues, that’s what we have seen going to hospitals, that’s what we have seen as record.

When asked if it was soldiers that perpetrated the act, the governor confirmed that footage showed that soldiers indeed carried out the shooting.

“From the footage that we could see, because there were cameras at that facility; it seems to me that they would be men in military uniform. That’s what the footage shows,” the governor said.

When asked if the soldiers would be brought to justice, Sanwo-Olu said he would do everything within his power to ensure that those found culpable were punished.

When probed further, the governor said that he was not the commander-in-chief and all he could do was to forward his recommendations to the appropriate authorities.

He further explained: “I genuinely believe there would be change. For two reasons; what has happened, especially in Lagos is extremely unimaginable. Also, it was a clarion call for all of us in government understanding and realising what the youth want us to be doing. It hit all of us like a thunderbolt and it was just a wake-up call.”

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