LG boss harps on ICTs benefits


By Ismail Auwal

Information Technology (IT)  can alleviate a variety of difficulties, including, economic crisis, agricultural challenges, and educational backwardness, Ungoggo Local Government, Abdullahi Garba Ramat, has said.  

Ramat who spoke about the process of the development of crime reporting software (LURA) in an exclusive interview with SAHELIAN TIMES, said ICTs remain the most effective problem-solving tools in the world.

While fielding questions from our reporter, Ramat stated that people are eager to disclose any red flags they notice in society, “but the problem is that their security is uncertain.”

“An event occurred in the Java village where suspected kidnappers were caught; we then obtained permission from Governor Ganduje to demolish the house.”

LURA is software launched by the Chairman in November 2021 to report criminal activity or suspicion of criminal activity.

“When the incident happened in Java happened I went to the community and engaged the community residents in conversation, I  asked them if they have seen any suspicious before the incident.

“One of the residents told me that he once saw a group of people moving gas cylinders from the back of a golf car into the affected house, but he complained that he could not report it because I’m afraid of being victimised,” he said.

“He told me that he was afraid of being asked to sit down by the police until the claim is verified.”

“I asked five people the same question and the same answers keep popping on,” Ramat said. 

“I instantly organize a security meeting. I call in my DPOs, Vigilante, Hisbah, and DSS.”

He noted that it was at the meeting that they concluded that people have the intention of reporting, but they need a platform.

Ramat disclosed that he designed software himself and his IT background has helped me a lot. 

Lura can be downloaded on the android play store.

“Once you click lura it will open, it will access your camera automatically it will asked you to snap a picture. and the from the address you are reporting.”

“The information you gives before the picture, location, scenarios, the incident the what’s happening it will add it up and it will sent to us.

The only person who sees it is me as chairman; I see it on my dashboard when I see it open, and then I would direct it to the proper channel.”

He stated that LURA has had a lot of success, stating that “we nabbed four snatchers we had in Bachirawa market who were hiding their weapons within Bachirawa.”

“With LURA the police also apprehended a house in Zaura, where they are operating a small club, do alcohols,” he added.

The Chairman also urged other Local Government Chairmen to embrace information technology in combating the threat of insecurity and other societal ills.

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