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Man who claimed being married to female spirit denounced himself following pressure from Kano State Govt


By Ismail Auwal

Kano State Government has banned the soothsayer, who claimed to have married a female spirit, from selling traditional medicines in the state.

The state Commissioner of Religious Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Tahir (popularly known as Baba Impossible), disclosed this decision to the newsmen after an open debate session with the man that is now known as Mijin Aljana across the state.

The man who was identified as Malam Ahmad Ali Kofar Na’isa, had last month claimed that he was brought up by the spirits as a child.

According to him, he fell into a well as a child and was picked up by the spirits who adopted him as their own.

He also claimed to be married to a female spirit in a union that is blessed with three children.

His preposterous claims generated brouhaha in both traditional and social media, which necessitated the quick intervention of the Kano State Ministry of Religious Affairs.

A debate was organised today, under the supervision of Baba Impossible, where the soothsayer publicly denounced his claims.

After the debate, the soothsayer told the journalists that he lied about his relationship with the spirits to attract customers for his herbal preparations.

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