Man who kidnapped his daughter knows fate today


-By Ismail Auwal

A magistrate court sitting in Hajj Camp, Kano state, will listen to the case filed by the Nigerian Police Force against Fahad Ali, who allegedly kidnapped his own daughter.

Ali has been in detention in the Nigeria Correctional Service facility for the past two weeks, as ordered by Justice Sakina Aminu.

Ali has told the court that he has an illness for which he receives care from a psychiatrist at Dawanau psychiatric hospital. Sources have also hinted that Ali might have mental health challenge.

The Nigerian Police’s Counsel, Jacob Yadumma, who is prosecuting the case, told the magistrate court that Ali is accused of kidnapping his daughter and demanding ransom for her release.

On his part, Ali denied the accusation of kidnapping his daughter. He told the court that he is longer married to the mother of his daughter. What he did was an attempt to get custody of his daughter, who is currently under the care of her mother.

The court will make a ruling on the case today.

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