By Ismail Auwal

Abdulrazaq Rogo is a Nigerian technology entrepreneur who focuses on building startups/products that make running small businesses interesting and less stressful.

From EasyLife Creative Studio, Bluepage Business Plan, WhatsPage to WPOS, Rogo, in an interview with SAHELIAN TIMES, talks about his newly released indigenous product called WPOS.

Please tell us about your WPOS

WPOS is a Mobile POS (point of service) System that handles sales, inventory, employee management and other customers dealings. It has also an online store that enables your customers to place an
order from anywhere.

What stands your App out among many other products?

Something that once required professional or specialized training we have made as simple as ABC. And, WPOS can be understood and accesses in four major Nigerian languages – Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, and English.

What do you want to achieve with the platform?

It is just to help small businesses grow.

What would you say are the specific benefits of the platform for young local entrepreneurs?

WPOS allows entrepreneurs to manage their businesses effortlessly, and they always have access to the financial reports of their businesses in order to make good data-driven decision.

We believe that by empowering small businesses, which are the backbone of every country’s economy, we are contributing to the human quality living.

Is the platform easy to operate?

Yes; as I said, it’s as simple as ABC. If a user gets stuck there is always our support team to assist him.

How exactly does the system operate?

WPOS is a cloud-based system, users manage the service while we give support.

How do your clients pay for the services?

We access Online Payment, USSD, and Transfer.

Do you have other projects going on at the moment?

Since we have about four products in the market, we decided to focus on building and maintaining the existing projects till 2023.



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