Millions of Nigeriens awaiting outcome of presidential election



By Abba Gwale

Millions of people in Niger Republic are still awaiting the outcome of yesterday’s presidential election, which will be the first time the country is witnessing a transition of power from a civilian to civilian president.

Almost 7.4m people registered to cast their votes to elect new president who will succeed Muhammadou Issoufou, the sitting president who is expected to leave office after exhausting his two terms.

Former minister of internal affairs, Mohamed Bazoum, is the candidate of ruling party and has the support of the current president, with Sani Issoufou, the son of Muhammad Issoufou, as his campaign director.

29 candidates are vying for the presidential seat, and the election come at the time when the country is facing serious security challenges from jihadi groups like al-Qaeda, IS and Boko Haram coupled with killing of over 150 soldiers in 2019.

But yesterday’s election were conducted peacefully without any security issue according to election observers.

There will be second run of the election on February 20, next year, if one of the candidates fail to get majority of the votes cast according to the country’s electoral laws.

Niger Republic experienced series of military coup since getting an independence from France in 1960.

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