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The authenticity of the laboratory results submitted to the Kano State House of Assembly adhoc investigative committee by the suspended Chairman of Kano Public Complaint and Anti-Corruption Commission, Muhuyi Magaji, has continued to be doubtful.

The embattled Magaji submitted the laboratory results to serve as an alibi for his failure to appear before the committee as scheduled.

SAHELIAN TIMES has reported about how the laboratory results raised question marks, which drew public interest.

A medical laboratory scientist with the National Hospital Abuja, who chooses to be anonymous, upon sighting the results dismissed them as “doctored”.

When pushed further by SAHELIAN TIMES, he told our reporter that their hospital doesn’t have the name “Muhuyi Magaji” registered on its laboratory information management system.

He also expressed doubts about having a colleague in the hospital with the name Dr. Bayo, whose signature was written in all the three forms submitted to the State House of Assembly.

Another staff and a member of the top management of the hospital explained that there is no way a laboratory result carrying several unprofessional errors can be issued like that by the hospital.

“We operate paperless, and all our reports are now automated using electronic records, therefore making handwriting reports untenable and unbelievable,” he said.

“We have a process that results/forms like this most pass through. It’s clear that this does not pass through that process,” he added.

SAHELIAN TIMES has also contacted the top official of the hospital to verify these claims, and he has requested for more time to come up with a final position.

Efforts to reach Magaji to comment on the issue proved unsuccessful as his number was switched off.


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