Murjanu Ringim: The Unsung Heroine of Layla Othman’s latest intervention


By Yakubu Musa

Since yesterday, when I shared the video of a giant effort of Layla Othman, my timeline has been inundated with her praises. Ironically, no one even remembers the unsung heroine of this latest intervention, Murjanutu Ringim.
Ringim, the compassionate storyteller behind the “Voice of Bazawara,” was the lady who brought this case to the fore. She uncovered the heartwarming tale of the indigent woman who had not only embraced her own challenging circumstances but also opened her heart and home to an orphaned child. Layla was moved by the story.

Indeed Ringim’s platform has been a beacon of hope, sharing human interest stories that inspire kindness and generosity. She believes in the power of stories to change lives and bring communities together, and Layla found about the story in question through one of her videos.

Yet both deserve our commendations. They have shown to us that this world where compassion and selflessness often take a backseat to personal pursuits, there are still individuals who stand as shining examples of humanity’s better angels.

No doubt, Layla Othman, is a true enigma who has smartly chosen philanthropy and is making a profound difference in the lives of those less fortunate. My friend, Ali Nuhu told me that one of his takeaways from his meeting with Salim Khan, the father of Bollywood true box office king, Salman Khan, was how philanthropy changed the trajectory of Sallu Bai’s career. As the actor was battling all sorts of challenges including box office misfortunes, his dedication to altruism changed everything for good for him.

I see some parallels with Layla Othman whose acts of kindness are changing opinions about her.

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