Muslims App in privacy data scandal, compromises subscriber’s data for US military




– By Ismail Auwal

Muslim Pro which is called “The most popular Muslim app” by the company, tracks users’ location and sells that location data to brokers — and the US military is one of the buyers, according to a new report from Vice’s Motherboard

The app, with over a 150million download, reminds its users when to pray, and can also inform people of the direction Mecca is from where the user currently is.

 It is also included in the app, passages from the Quran, including audio readings.

According to Vice’s report “The data is reportedly collected by a third party called X-Mode, which then sells it to contractors.”

In a statement,  U.S. Special Operations Command spokesperson, Navy Cmdr. Tim Hawkins, confirmed the Locate X purchase and added “Our access to the software is used to support Special Operations Forces mission requirements overseas.

We strictly adhere to established procedures and policies for protecting the privacy, civil liberties, constitutional and legal rights of American citizens.”

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