By Abba Gwale

The executive Secretary of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Professor Mohammed Sambo, said the organization is set to digitalise its services before the end of this year.

Sambo said that the digitalisation is part of initiatives to herald the birth of what he tagged electronic-NHIS or e-NHIS. The management of NHIS had already developed a framework to achieve the e-NHIS policy saying that e-NHIS is a major reform that is being seriously pursued by the NHIS management to change the way the scheme does its business completely.

“The concept of e-NHIS is to allow for a paradigm shift from the manual mechanism of driving the company’s business process to an automated one.

“We want to see a process where enrollment will be automated and from the comfort of your bedroom, you can enroll into the NHIS register; select your provider, select your Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) and even make payment”. Sambo said

He further said “So, people will only come to NHIS office to get their Identification Cards (ID).

“We are even musing on the idea of electronic ID cards, so that you can just walk into the healthcare facility and you will be attended to.

“The scheme will have minimum requirement for the healthcare facilities so that they can continue to be in NHIS.’’

The executive Secretary said through the e-NHIS, the entire health system could become automated, so as to make things easier for everyone.

“With e-NHIS, we can even have electronic medical records of patients, giving their medical history till date.

“Electronic medical records also create room for tele-medicine and many more possibilities.” he explained further

Sambo assured that the scheme had already received approval from the Federal Executive Council to deploy the process of a shift from manual business process to an automated one.

In addition, the NHIS had adjusted its operations to achieve maximum results in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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