Nigerians continue to express outrage over Sheik Khalid’s suspension


By Ismail Auwal

Nigerians took to social media to express shock and outrage over the recent suspension of the Chief Iman of Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque, Shiek Nur Muhammad Khalid, by Senator Dansadau-led committee of the Mosque.

The committee’s move came after the cleric delivered a sermon on April 1, 2022, where he flayed the government for failing to address the country’s escalating insecurity and killings.

Since its announcement, the suspension has sparked ongoing reactions. Nigerians have continued to honor the digital Sheik, with many updating their profiles with his picture in solidarity.

Below are some reactions by Nigerians on Social Media to the Digital Imam sack:

Gimba Kakanda wrote: “Just read that Sheikh Nuru Khalid of Apo Juma’at Mosque has been suspended by the mosque for criticizing Buhari’s refusal to visit Kaduna over last Monday’s train attack. We blame our clerics of being enablers of poor governance, here we’ve one being victimized for truth-telling.”

“Very strange that some people living in Arewa where people are bombed, killed, or kidnapped think Imams should only say what the mosque committee wants to hear because they are being paid by the committee. The fact that you employ somebody does not mean he has to sell his conscience to continue receiving salary.
Judges are employed by the government. Would a judge give a favourable judgment to a government just because he is a government employee? These people want ‘doctrine of silence’ to be imposed on Imams the way it was imposed on traditional rulers. Sad!,” Abdullahi Dahiru wrote on his facebook wall.

Nura Mada said, “The suspension of Sheikh Nur Khalid has done more harm than good to the government. It only makes the Sheikh more popular and attracts more enemies to the power.
Bad decision at the wrong time.”

” He was suspended for saying the truth” Please what is wrong with what this truthful imam Nura khalid (Digital Imam) said that warrant his kind of treatment, anyways peoples hate the truth, but fortunately truth does not care,” Abubakar Ammani said.

Another social media user Muhammad Lawal Abubakar Okpo said 
“Sheikh Nura Khalid is a hero, a true nationalist, a core Arewa lover. You can remove him but not his knowledge and integrity.”

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