One Centaury after, throne returns to mallawa’ s ruling house


Abba Dukawa

 It has been almost five decades since the people of Zaria (Zazzau Emirate) last witnessed the death of an emir, the agony that comes along with such a tremendous loss and the tension that ensues as a result of the waiting for a new emir to be appointed seem to be overwhelming for the people of Zaria and beyond.

After the third day of mourning, the people had expected the conclusion of the selection process and announcement of the new Emir of Zazzau. But they had waited for 18 days without an emir on the throne, first time in recent history.

Mallawa dynasty of Zazzau Emirate had produced four emirs  – Musa, Abdulkadir Dan Musa, Abubakar Dan Musa and Malam Alu Dan Sidi. But Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli is the fifth Emir from the Mallawa ruling house that has now ascended the throne after 100 years, the last emir from the ruling house was his grandfather Malam Aliyu dan Sidi who reined for 18 years before his dethronement in 1921, after one century, Mallawa ruling house reclaimed the throne on October 7, 2020, when Kaduna state government named Ambassador Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli as the 19th Emir of Zazzau.

His Royal Highness was born on June 8, 1966, in Zaria City. He is the son of late Magajin Garin Zazzau Alhaji Nuhu Bamalli, a minister of foreign affairs in 1965 and a prominent figure in the struggle for Nigeria’s independence.

After his primary and secondary education in Kaduna, he proceeded to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria to study law,  in 1998 he went to Enugu State University of Science and Technology for his post-graduate diploma in management, he holds a Master’s degree in international affairs and diplomacy and attended Harvard, Oxford and Northwestern universities as well as the University of Pennsylvania, the new Emir of Zazzau spent 26 years working in the banking, telecommunications, manufacturing and held many positions both in public and privates sectors.

President Muhammadu Buhari appointed Bamalli as Nigerian Ambassador to Thailand in 2017 and also with concurrent accreditations in charge de affairs of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, 2020.

The challenge before the Emir of Zazzau is to unite all members of the ruling houses for the interest of Zazzau people and also to be the leader to all and treat all people fairly in the performance of his duties. He should be like his immediate-past predecessor late Shehu Idris who was a just leader, a detribalized Nigerian and father to all.

Bamalli ascended the throne of his forefathers at a time the nation and northern region in particular are facing serious challenges of insecurity, poverty, illiteracy and poor health, despite enormous endowments, with  Nuhu Bamalli on the throne, Zazzau Emirate, Kaduna State Council of Chiefs and populace in general may look forward for the continuity of the legacy of emir of peace and development in the ancient town, considering the level of Emir Bamalli’s exposure and experience both in public and private world much is expected from him.

Already Emir Ahmad Bammali pledge to ensure peace and tranquility among the peoples of Zazzau and he had a close ties with Beriberi, Katsinawa dynasties and I have a cordial relationship with other ruling Houses base on respect for each other that they inherited.

His subjects expect him to the path of late Shehu Idris exhibited throughout his 45 years on the throne. Late Emir happens to be   a just leader with all sense of fair justice to his subject and remain detribalized Nigerian and a father of all.

 The emir can also use his exposure and experience to promote the welfare of his subjects. Be like your father in-law in assisting the poor, the rich and the royal. Be emir of all not only Zazzau; let your humanitarian activities spread across Nigeria.

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