Open letter to Jigawa state house of assembly


By Umar Farouk Jahun

With due respect, leaders and members of the House, as by law established in the voluminous 1999 constitution, every citizen is entitled to seek for an official statement from authorities or officials concerned on any public matter, except for issues that have to do with security and other classified matter.

It is with great delight that I am writing this letter to you as a good indigene of Jigawa State who wants a great future for the good people of Jigawa State. I hope you will not see this letter as a politically motivated letter or one written to discredit anyone.

I usually write my letters when there is a need to address very critical issues that affect the life of the ordinary people living in Jigawa. Because, the best way for Government to measure its success, then, it should get feedback from the people.

I am sure, being the legislatures of the State, these issues I’m going to raise, you are in the perfect position to satisfy my curiosity with certified clarifications. And I know, to the best of my knowledge that, you are not engulfed by predators who become obstacles, so it’s my hope that my letter will be recognized and forwarded to you for your perusal.

Honourable Members, I thought for every decision you take in consultation with the house, there must be a very good reason on why such a decision was made. But again, in a democracy like ours, it is very much all about the people and this I know you are very much aware of. As such, I believe by virtue of your educations and the vast experience that you all have in political life, you know whatever affects the people it is their right to speak out.

You all know better than anyone on why you are elected to be in the House of Assembly, so you shouldn’t in any way try to initiate policies that caused public outrage and uproar, instead, always be deem fit to say anything as representatives of the people. Remember you are all there for the people. You should always be on the side of those who elected you into the House of Assembly.

Honourable Members, you are representing the 30 constituencies of Jigawa State, but so far, you are yet to come to terms with their original mandate to ensure justice, fairness and freedom for the citizenry when it comes to policy implementation in our dear State. Since the inception of the present Government in the state, there must have been some controversial changes, yet we have not heard your critical voices on the floor of the House. You seem to have forgotten that we elected you to be our eyes and ears in Government.

As matter of fact, not long ago, we even woke up with the news that one of the members in the House moved a bill to amend Local Government law 2012 to restrict deduction to statutory allocation of local government funds and a bill to amend Sule Lamido University Kafin Hausa law number 6 of 2013 to restrict the contribution of funds to the institution by Local Government councils.

To this regard, we are not bothered by this move of stopping the 2%  allocation to the varsity since it is it not a noble move and the masses are not been considered but the consequences that will follow after the stoppage give us much concern.

Perhaps, instead of some of these anti-masses policies, there are many policies that we need to hear your voices on the floor of the house. Since, we all know we have many bedevilling issues in Jigawa State like poverty, quality education, unemployment, health care system and infrastructure, so with due respect, what are you saying about any of these? The peoples are becoming furious and deserved your intentions on your soft theorem area on any policy. For the fact, that you came up with the policies that will help peoples them improve their social interplay and bost their life positively.

There are somethings that we are witnessing also, which is the eventual triumph of the political sovereignty of the populace. I stand to be corrected. You should understand that in a democratic dispensation, representative leadership is not automatic. We have not forgotten how you trooped to our houses and mai shayi joints begging for votes. You promised heaven and earth. Now, we need you to answer our call and implement policies that will change or benefit the masses.

Members of Assembly, we urge you to speak up against what is wrong and endorse those things that are right. You cannot afford to fold your hands while the people are complaining bitterly. This is a clarion call for you to rise up to your responsibilities to the people. Remember, you need to stand for truth and justice. You are not there to massage anybody’s political ego.

Because as you all know better, politics is a game of completing values to protect the people’s lives, traditions, culture, environment, fundamental rights and family needs. You are the legislators, so peoples interest should always be your priority and their situation of development must always be given attention as well.

I know, for sure, that this letter may eventually reach some of you, as you go through, I hope that my recommendations meet your favourable consideration. But, forgive me for my inquisitiveness out of curiosity,

God Bless Jigawa State… Thank you!

Umar Farouk wrote from Jigawa and he can reach via +2347032843368,

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