Pidgin approved as non-English recording dialogue in films- OSCARS


The Nigeria Oscars Committee (NOSC) has announced the approval of Pidgin as a non-English recording dialogue in films. The Chairperson of the committee, Ms Chineze Anyaene-Abonyi, made the announcement on Saturday.

This approval, according to her, is in line with the Academy’s (Oscars) rule and definition of an international film as a feature film with more than 50 percent non-English dialogue track.

The process for approval was started in December 2019. This paved way for Ms Chinese to visit the Academy’s office in Los Angeles in February 2020, where she had a meeting with the representatives of the International Feature Film (IFF).

The outcome of that meeting led to a wider consultations with the IFF executives, which ensured that an approval is benchmarked- consistent with IFF’s screening matrix.

Ms Chineze described the approval of Pidgin as a major feat for the industry- noting that with this the NOSC might consider re-opening the portal for submission, to allow other filmmakers with Pidgin films to submit their films.

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