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Police arrest four young men who slit woman’s throat in Kano


By Ismail Auwal

Kano Police Command have arrested 4 young men who invaded the house of a married woman, Yusrah, and slit her throat with a knife.

The men also stabbed the victim at least 12 times, then went ahead and stole her car, leaving her tied with ropes in a pool of her blood at a toilet.

The unfortunate incident happened at Sabuwar Gandu quarter of Kano state.

The men who committed the crime have been identified as Yusuf, Abba, Yahya, and Al-Amin.

The police succeeded in apprehending them after 32 days of discreet investigations.

Yusuf, Abba, and Yahya were neighbours with the victim, whereas Al- Amin lived in Kaduna state. The four of them collaborated to commit the crime.

“It was Yusuf that stabbed Yusrah with a knife after she attempted to stop us from stealing the car,” Al-Amin confessed to the police in an interrogation.

“I left with her car to Kaduna where we planned on selling it and share the money,” he added.

One of the people who came to Yusrah’s rescue narrated how they met her in a toilet almost dead after struggling to breath with a slit throat for nearly 12 hours before she was eventually discovered.

“We thought she was missing, until around 9 pm when she was found drowning in her blood in a toilet at her home,” he said.

“She was unconscious but breathing through the severed trachea,” he added.

Her mother also explained how Yusrah was lucky to be alive. “Even in the hospital, the doctors took more than a day before operating on her due to fear that she might not survive the operation,” she said.

Yusrah’s family have expressed gratitude to the police for apprehending the criminals, and plead for justice to be done


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