Police debunk Ameerah’s kidnapping story, say victims now receiving medical attention


By Ismail Auwal

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command has debunked the story of kidnapping of one Ameerah  Safiyanu and 16others at gunpoint by “armed men in Police uniform”.

The command said that Safiyanu is currently in their custody receiving medical attention as the investigation continues.

Sufyan, a Twitter user, raised an alarm on Tuesday about a kidnapping incident involving her, three pregnant women and two children among others.

In a series of tweets, Sufyan alleged that she and the other 16 victims were abducted at gunpoint from different parts of Abuja by men in police uniforms and a van.

The tweep, @ameerah_sufyan, claimed that she shared her location with her WhatsApp contacts in order to aid rescue efforts, explaining that her captors did not see her phone.

She tweeted, “Please whoever has my WhatsApp number I sent a broadcast message of my location.

“We were abducted at gunpoint by people with police uniforms and a van from our houses from different parts of Abuja.

“We’re 17 including three pregnant women and two little kids. They didn’t see my phone.”

Shortly after the first tweet, Sufyan gave details of her captors, adding that they were being transported to the western part of the country.

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