By Ismail Auwal

Abdullahi Ladan, a Bauchi resident, drew sympathy and praise on social media for returning a wallet he took and used the sum of N1800 to buy food for his starving family.

Ladan, who left a letter for the owner explaining why he had to take the part of the money out of necessity later refunded the money saying his conscience would never stop disturbing him if he had not returned it.

The heroic action of Ladan, therefore, has prompted a Facebook social media community to lunch a fundraiser in his honor.

Bashir Aliyu Limanci, the wallet’s owner, told SAHELIAN TIMES that he lost his wallet on January 8 while returning from the gymnasium.

“The wallet contained my four debit cards and N9820,” Limanci said.

He described how he discovered the wallet shortly after returning home.

“My debit cards are intact and the money is 1800 shorter. But the man left a note that touched me,” he said.

Ladan in the note wrote, “I saw you when your wallet fell from your pocket, and to be honest with you, I did not mean to return it but having seen the amount of money therein in addition to four debit cards, I developed a premonition that you would be in a difficult situation.”

“Here is your money but I am sorry that I took 1800 naira to buy maize. I swear by Allah that I have not been able to buy anything at home, and I have small children.” 

Limanci, who had been looking for the man who had left no identification for four days, described how the man returned N 1800 he had taken from his wallet.

“I almost gave up trying to trace this family man who found and returned my wallet. I did not trace him.”

“He came to my house this very morning, but this time, he returned my 1800 from the money he found.”

“I could not believe it. When I asked him why decided to return the money even though he did not need to do so since he penned a letter already. “

Ladan asserted that he lacks peace of mind because he collects the money to “feed his family.”

“He said he was not sure if I could forgive him. So after working at a farm for two days, he earned 3400 naira from which he returned my money in full with an apology.”

“It is my pledge to donate him the money he found in addition to 10k making it 20k. I handed him the money in cash which almost made him cry because he never expected to receive this amount of money anytime soon.”

“I told him how his name trended on social media for his heroic effort, with people offering to help him but he did not include his contact number.”


  1. Impressive! This is for all those using “poverty” as excuse to commit all sorts of financial immoralities.


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