Rwanda President, Paul Kagame, blast Arsenal after defeat


By Salim Yunusa


Rwanda President Paul Kagame has blasted the management of the football side he supports, Arsenal, after they started their English season with a 2-0 away defeat at Brentford.


“We just must NOT excuse or Accept mediocrity,” Kagame tweeted last night


“A team has to be built with purpose to win, win, win. So that when we lose….it was not to be expected. I am sure we all know on whose shoulders the heaviest burden rests. I hope they know too or even accept it


He questioned the team’s management. “Can’t we have a plan that really works? One part to look at is how we deal in the market- players we buy to execute the plan. The touch and go mentality does not bring change



“Brentford deserved to win and they did. The game itself aside Arsenal and the fans don’t deserve to kind of get used to this….NO ! I say this as one of the big fans of Arsenal. The change has taken to long to com


Rwanda are shirt sponsors of the club.



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