By Ismail Auwal

Former Kaduna Central Senator, Shehu Sani, has challenged a Lagos-based human rights lawyer, Malcom Omoirhobo  to appear naked in court.

Omoirhobo on Thursday appeared in court in a full traditional attire of an “Olokun priest” to attend court proceedings, in protest of the Supreme ruling allowing Muslim students to wear Hijab in schools.

The ex-lawmaker, challenged Omoirhobo to complety appear naked if he despises the ruling on Hijab, claiming that this is the original appearance of the ancestors.

” The lawyer who went to the Supreme Court in the garb of a Herbalist or Traditional religionists should have gone there naked,” Sani posted on his verified social media handles.

“That is the original appearance of our ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago.”

“If you don’t like the Hijab ruling,completely remove your clothes and cover some parts with leaves and the protest is real,” Sani added.

The Delta state-born lawyer caused stares and disrupted proceeding on Thursday when he walked into the court dressed as “half lawyer and half traditionalist”.

Omirhobo gained entry into the court barefooted with his wig accessorised with two black feathers, a white circle was drawn around his right eye.

Although dressed in a white shirt with a jabot as lawyers should, Omirhobo placed a charm around his neck hanging on a red cloth.

His black trousers, which he rolled up just below his knees, had his shirt neatly tucked within them. But he wrapped red cloth over his waist, hiding the pants. He also wore a long black robe used by lawyers.


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