Sheikh Abduljabbar accuses lawyer of collecting N2 million to secure his release


By Ismail Auwal

Sheik Abduljabar Nasiru Kabara has accused his lawyer, Barrister Dalhatu Shehu, of collecting N2 million from him with a view to facilitating his release on bail.

The cleric  during a resumed hearing on Thursday before the Kano Shari’a High Court, which is presided over by Justice Ibrahim Sarki Yola alleged that the lawyer “came to the prison and told me that the judge instructed him to collect the N2 million to enable him release and acquit me”.

He further said that Dalhatu had informed him that the judge had stated that if it weren’t for two people, he would have released the defendant.

“After I gave the money and I was not released, I demanded the refund what I paid only to be told to be patient till date,” he averred.

He said he had to bring the matter to the fore since the lawyer reneged on his promise, insisting that what he allegedly paid was not a bribe.

“I gave the money to secure my release but not as a bribe. They would rather hang me than for me to offer a bribe for my freedom,” he added.

Abduljabbar testified in court that his lawyer informed him that the judge received N1.3 million and N200,000 from him, while the lawyer kept N300,000.

The judge, however, denied receiving the money and added that he hadn’t spoken to the lawyer since he had appointed him to defend the cleric.

Speaking to journalists later, the counsel also denied the allegation.

He said, “It’s a lie. He is used to doing this as he has done it to his previous lawyers. He once accused one of them of cheating with his wife.”

Shehu, therefore, dissociated himself from standing for the accused person on all his (Abduljabbar’s) cases in courts.

“That is why even today, I did not attend the court session. I have visited all the courts and tendered my withdrawal notice and will file a case seeking my rights on this,” he added.

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