Shekau: The jokes ahead


By Haroun Muhammed

Now, jokes on the whole country that invest so much hope in the outcome of the supremacy battle within the structure of the terrorists to throw up aftermath virtual party. It’s a joke, because, this same guy would’ve long been dead, had it been there have been a moonshot and systemwide intelligence.

Call me a pessimist or whatsoever, but it’s been written — with the current market forces at play, this war is far from over. Oh yes, before me, General Buratai said it. The war analysts too. The columnists too. It’s not really a coincidence that they are saying the same thing.

The difference is: Your interest is in what you only want to hear: The soft side of the truth. I am not a politician. Not yet. Thus, I am scratching the bottom to guide our sense of our awareness.

When Muhammad Yusuf was publicly sentenced to death, we all thought, that was the end of the Boko guys. Life was one long Christmas then, jingle bells all the way. Then, Shekau happened; the devil-daring and bloodthirsty monster. The guy with many lives. He killed. He slit throats. And bombed innocent people. The ISWAP guys chipped in. And then, many more…

Listen, I am not de-marketing the patriotism of our troops, but declaring early victory for the war against terrorism, has been our weak link. Remember the Camp Zero? Remember the recent strike around Timbuktu Triangle? The terrorists understand this. Their sympathisers too. They will strike hard. On the very bad days, they will go back to their hideouts.

ISWAP understood this attack-and-run strategy from the other camp. They seemed to have, for a very long time, been strongly funded and military-trained than hunger-driven Shekau’s. Their warlord’s strategies differ from the other camp. The same impregnable Timbuktu Triangle was invaded by ISWAP and they had Shekau on his knees. The end. The whole country is praying for a strong enemy to emerge to celebrate a win. Seriously? You know, these re-ignites elements of fear in me.

Shekau like other war-mongers, who lived by their swords, met his Waterloo. But then, even if goons died, it would be what historians called pyrrhic history. As Franchise philosopher Montesquieu said, societies don’t fall from outside forces until forces within have already fallen.

Until we address the issues that crippled the security architecture of this country systemically and systematically, we shall live to witness low-and-high budget terrorists. As the piece of meat on the cutting board said when it was told that the butcher had died:” is the knife dead, too”?

Our butchers die (the likes of Shekau’s) but their knives remain alive and very sharp.

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