Ten picks from that political interview


By Hashim Muhammad Suleiman, Ph.D.

1. Amaechi is their preferred presidential candidate. It is a well planned PR job of careful pronouncements so as to guide party stalwarts into pitching to the right tent of the current occupier of Aso ville. It started with Chinese “investments” in the legends of Hausa-bakwai, to Ɗanamana title and to the president’s coded message of not disclosing his preferred candidate and to now openly televised hints by Kaduna state governor.

2. Kaduna state governor is fighting tooth and nail to be VP candidate. Forget about his claim of not being interested. He said the same before and you and I know what happened. Let’s always use someone’s trajectory and precedence to understand his political game of hide and seek. In fact, his dream is gradually ascension to being the top gun. It is very difficult to taste executive power and willingly let go.

3. President Muhammadu Buhari wants to install a successor (like other politicians, he too wants to cover his tracks). One hopes after he is gone, EFCC and ICPC would have more bitting guts. If they do, “Muna da sauran kallo a Najeriyar ga.”

4. APC is suffering from incomplete internal combustion. Wait for more black, whitish, and oil mixed smoke that apprehends oxygen (public funds) out of the environment. It is the trend for a power drunk political party. PDP was there and it failed to manage its flanks. Would APC do the same? We await more political theatrics as we steadily inch towards 2023.

5. Insecurity, inflation, generalized killings, poverty, petrol scarcity, ASUU strike, banditry and kidnappings do not give our politicians sleepless nights. They still enjoy spending huge security votes that are not accounted for. The only thing disturbing our political elites is the insecurities of their ascension to the keys of our collective assets.

6. Kaduna state governor is still a mover and shaker of events in APC. He is a very cunningly opportunistic persona that always stings where his pangs meet the softest of nerves. A vulture may not kill to eat but it certainly stands guard to feast on carcasses.

7. Former APC caretaker chairman has fallen apart with the powers that be. They’re now out with their usual political smear campaign. Would Buni fire back or would he meekly join the likes of Ambode? Time shall tell.

8. Nigerians should expect nothing much good coming to them as the political elites have blown the whistle for 2023 political gymnastics. Inflation may skyrocket further and for now, there seems to be no respite for the poor in Nigeria. Let’s continue with our poor man prayer: e go better.

9. Expect many political explosives from the other APC camp as political realignment is in top gear. It is normal for political wardogs to always look for vantage position from whence they can fire their arsenals, targeting how they can satisfy their political wants, yes wants, not needs.

10. The poor Nigerian still continue to suffer from the political games being run by our politically spoilt brats in corridors of power and there seems to be no end of the suffering in sight. As gloomy as it looks, that’s the projection from all available data.

Muhammad can be reached via mshashim@abu.edu.ng

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