By Salim Yunusa


There has been palpable tension in the outskirts of Jos as innocent travelers along Rukuba road and Gada Biu are being attacked by hoodlums.


In a video sighted by Sahelian Times on Facebook, vehicles are seen being ambushed by youths wielding machetes and other dangerous weapons, dragging out passengers from their vehicles. Several people were also sighted to be lying lifeless on the roads.


Also, screenshots on Facebook have being circulating, with hoodlums saying that they have targeted Fulani people in a reprisal attack.


Hamisu Danladi, a resident, however, said that, “it is peaceful inside the city. It is at the outskirts of the city that we are having this tension. There has been a noticeable security presence on Bauchi road to diffuse any tension and potential spillover of crisis.” He commended the Jos governor on being proactive.


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