By Ismail Auwal

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) says it was mistaken to have thought that the “worst of Ganduje’s administration bungling of public assets” have been seen.

The PDP said this while the reacting governor’s plan of demolishing Kofar Nassarawa flyover.

Comrade Aminu Abdulsalam Gwarzo, a Former Commissioner in the past administration, said on Tuesday 9th February, that the people of Kano were yet given another rude and shocking reawakening with reports credited to Muhammad Garba; Ganduje’s Information Commissioner who, on the directives of his boss, told Kano people that Governor Ganduje have concluded plans to demolish the Kofar Nassarawa flyover; a functional infrastructure that was designed and constructed to have a lifespan of 100 years.

He said “It may be recalled that in the 2019 general elections, the people of Kano came out in droves and voted out Ganduje. What followed as perpetrated by the powers-that-be resulted in the unfortunate mockery of the judiciary from the Election Tribunal to the Court of Appeal and even the apex court.”

Comrade Abdusalam said that it is saddening that two years after the elections that imposed Ganduje on the people of Kano; the Governor has chosen to take his pound of flesh by obliterating Kano’s historical and cultural monuments and other landmarks that gave Kano its identity.

“We are witnesses to how the administration ignominiously oversaw the calamitous demolition of functional public institutions and structures and the butchering of public land and properties for sale to the highest bidder not minding “over-riding” public interest.”

“We are also witnessing how the Governor demolished and sold the Shahuci Ultramodern 3 Storey Parking Lot, the Hajj (Pilgrims) Camp, Daula Hotel, Tukuntawa Radio Station, Kano City Wall, Kofar Mata Eid Ground, Fagge Jumma’a Mosque, Kano Polytechnic Staff Quarters and Triumph Publishing Company premises and etc.”

“It is on record that recently, the Governor attempted to relocate the 50 year old Kano Zoological and Botanical Garden which is on 53 hectares of land for the sole purpose of selling the land for commercial gains. Furthermore, only lately, premises of the Gidan Zakka, which is not even a public property was also sold for commercial benefits.”

The former Commissioner alleged that, this is in addition to other public and private properties too numerous to mention that were selfishly taken over and put up for sale or allocated to family members, friends and political cronies. It is therefore sheer, outlandish falsehood that the Kofar Nassarawa flyover is collapsing. Apparently, we have it on good authority that the Governor is merely trying to justify the demolition of the flyover just so as to butcher the land for sell to the highest bidder.

Conclusively, such self-serving policies is why the people of Kano eschewed the registration drive of the APC because they reject the land grabbing policies and exploitative tendencies of the Ganduje administration. We await the outcome of the so-called committee whose outcome has already been predetermined in order to satiate the whims and caprices of the Governor Ganduje” He warned.

He further warned those that are scrambling to buy these public properties to note that the people of Kano would not fold their arms and watch the state assets being ravaged; “come 2023 when Ganduje would have ended his illegitimate rule the incoming Kwankwasiyya administration will take every necessary measure available to reclaim all the public properties that have been misappropriated by the Ganduje administration. A word they say is enough for the wise.” He concluded.


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