Tragedy as 3-year-old girl died after being raped by 49-year old man in Kano


By Ismail Auwal

A 49-year old married man, Baba Idi, has been arrested by the police in Kano over alleged raping of a 3-year old girl, Khadija Adamu, aka, Yasmin.

The suspect was arrested on 29th August 2022 following a complaint lodged to the Police by the victim’s father.

In an interview with SAHELIAN TIMES, the victim’s uncle, Bilyamu Abubkar, stated that the deceased was about to be bathed by her mother when blood was noticed in her private part.

“When her mother inquired, Yasmin asserted that it was Baba Idi who had been doing something to her, and he threatened to kill her and feed her to a cat if she told her father,” he explained.

Idk had previously invited her to a single room attached to the deceased residence and allegedly raped her.

SAHELIAN obtained a medical report that confirmed Yasmin’s penetration.

According to the uncle, Yasmin was later taken to the Police headquarters to identify the suspect.

“When she saw him, she burst out crying, saying he had promised to kill her and feed her to the cats,” he added.

Khadija became ill immediately and died three days later after repeatedly, saying that “he, the suspect, “was going to kill me.”

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