Trump claims victory for COVID-19 vaccines, urges historians to remember him


Barely a few hours after Moderna’s announcement of its COVID-19 vaccine trial results, the outgoing President of the United States took to social media celebrating the achievement, which he claimed “will end the China plague.

” He was also quick to plead with the historians to remember that, “these great discoveries (referring to both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines), all took place on (sic) my watch.”

Initial body language of Trump has portrayed him as someone doubting the existence of COVID-19, which led to poor his handling of the pandemic in the US. Currently, US has recorded more than 10 million cases of COVID-19, and over 200,000 deaths- far ahead of any nation on earth.

The poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic by Trump is one of the major determinants that cost him his presidential reelection bid.

He lost to the former US Vice President and Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, who is largely seen by American voters to be more competent to handle the already precarious situation.


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