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Two feared dead, as Matawalle accuses Yari of instigating violence in Zamfara


Accusations and counter accusations of instigating violence have trailed the local government pre-election campaigns in Zamfara state, which led the loss of two lives.

According to Governor Bello Matawalle, two people have lost their lives when the former Zamfara state governor, Abdulaziz Yari, stormed Bakura local government for a campaign in company of the Minister of Police, and instigated violence. “I shelved my campaign trip to Bakura in order to avoid loss of life.

It is unfortunate that for his ambition Yari does not value lives. They were there with the Minister of Police in Bakura when his supporters slaughtered two people, including one person called Muhammad Sani, and several others were injured.”

Matawalle called on Yari to suspend visiting Bakura for campaign and allow the people to freely vote for whom they prefer without coercion. “You have been going around making baseless claims of popularity in Zamfara.

You even claim that PDP would not win election in Zamfara. If you are so sure about your claims, why are you seeking support for deployment of governors such as Kogi’s, Jigawa’s, Kebbi’s, in addition to 5 senators and the House’s Majority Leader?” queried Matawalle in his speech.

Contrary to Matawalle’s claims, Zamfara’s APC has dismissed the accusations of inviting aliens and instigating violence in the state. “Yari was just intimidated by our unparalleled support base, hence his resort to baseless accusation of using hired crowd. PDP was the one that brought in thugs to attack our supporters, because it knows that it cannot win this election free and fair.

We have reported the incidents of attacks on members to Inspector General of Police and DSS,” replied Liman Kaura, Zamfara state APC’s Chairman, to an inquiry about Matawalle’s accusation.


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