Union condemns Sheikh Abdallah Gadankaya for associating nurses with immorality


By Ismail Auwal

Controversy trailed Sheikh Abdallah Gadonkaya’s allegation that nurses indulge in acts of immorality, including “fornication”, during night shifts at hospitals.

GadonKaya made the allegation in a program aired by Africa TV, where he narrated that regardless of their gender, nurses usually share a room during their night shifts.

“In our hospitals, both male and female nurses will be assigned a room to share, and they will lock themselves in at 3 a.m.”

“Anything can happen between them, while her husband is at home sleeping and thinking that his wife is in the hospital working,” he asserted.

He also shared a story about a 50-year-old nurse who quit her job at one of the hospitals because her coworkers were tempting her.

“If this can happen to a 50-year-old nurse, what do you think of the recent graduates that are below 30?” he queried.

He observed that the problem persisted even after she was transferred to a different hospital.

In an interview with SAHELIAN TIMES,  the Chairman, Kano State chapter of National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, NANNM, Comrade Ibrahim Maikarfi Muhammad, has condemned the cleric for his sweeping unfounded claim.

Muhammad also demanded the cleric to withdraw his statement or face repercussions for creating mistrust between wives and husbands.

“You will not find a 50-year-old nurse working a night shift anywhere in our hospital because she is about to retire at that age,” he explained.

He also mentions that in the ethics of their job, it is not required of nurses to sleep on a night shift, so nurses are assigned a room to sleep in.

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