By Salisu Shittu

About 30 settlements and villages with Ruwan bore and others, were ransacked, with many of their inhabitants been kidnapped on daily basis, a local resident has said.

Malam Murtala Stuna, decried that despite what is being done to them there were no media reportage that would help attract the attention of authorities and security personnel.

He said for a long period of time their town and some other nearby villages were under siege by armed bandits, who goes about kidnapping, rapping of their women including taken some of the women into hostage.

“As I talked with you now, we are at one place having been ransacked on Tuesday night, by the armed bandits.

“The entire people of Tsuna village have been ransacked, for months now there isn’t any presence of a single security personnel.

“We feel abandoned by the government, we are being killed on daily basis.

“Women are taken almost everyday, they are being raped by the bandits,” he said.

Mr. Murtala Stuna, appealed to the appropriate security agencies, Zamfara State and Federal Governments to do something very urgent.

Another source Malam Saminu Muhammad, that corroborated Murtala’s statement, decried that, “non presence of a single security personnel has made them more vulnerable to daily attacks.”

Malam Sanusi said: “The entire inhabitants of Ruwan bore ward, Fegin mahe, kanawa, gangara and Tsuna villages were ransacked.”

“Dozens were kidnapped, including women and children. Many women are being raped.

“A lots of our livestock are being thieft on daily basis,” he claimed.

Malam Saminu said he managed to escape being kidnapped or even being killed, and had sustained many injuries on his foots on the process of running into the bushes.

He also appealed that security personnel should be deployed to the areas, to help in curtailing the daily occurance of the kidnapping.


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