What will happen if Trump fails to concede defeat, US Senator explains 



US Senator, Chris Murphy, has said President Donald Trump will leave the White House either voluntary or forcefully if he loses the presidential election.

Trump has alleged irregularities in the race won by Joe Biden. He had earlier demanded that vote counting should stop just as he filed lawsuits to challenge his loss in different states.

Speaking to NOWTHIS, the US Senator said there was no legal requirement for the President to concede.

Murphy said, “Well, there is no legal requirement for Donald Trump to concede. I have been in, you know, probably more than one election in my life where my opponent was just so upset and sort of so full of sour grapes that they refused to concede.

“You know Speaker Pelosi said on November 3 that the presidential thing to do if you lose is to concede.

But Donald Trump hasn’t done a single something presidential in the last four years, so I don’t expect him to concede, and I don’t need him to concede (Defeat). “If he loses this election, he is going to leave White House, either voluntarily or with a little bit of help.”

Sahara Repoterters

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