Who is the sick one? Nigeria or us, the occupants?


By Abdelghaffar Amoka Abdelmalik, PhD

Nigeria is an illegal entity that must end to go our separate ways is one annoying statement i have heard countless times! Meanwhile, I have not heard that this my tribal man that is our governor or the minister must go because he is completely incompetent.

So, how many ways are we going to go after we break up Nigeria? Every region becomes a country or every state becomes a country?

How are we going to separate the Southern Kaduna from the Northern Kaduna to avoid the age long hatred and crisis if Kaduna should become one of the countries? The state of Taraba is characterized with crisis between the Fulanis and the other indigenes. Is Nigeria to be blamed for it? How do we avoid the bloodshed if Taraba should become one of the countries? A part of Gombe state was recently in crisis and brothers destroying each other over Chieftaincy issue. Should Nigeria be blamed for it?

And what about the Kwara state where Muslims and Christians cannot attend the same school in 21st century? Is that still the fault of Nigeria? How do we make them to tolerate each other if Kwara should become one of the countries? The hostility between some Igalas and Ebiras seems not to have ended even with the so-called EBIGO. Should we Nigeria blamed for that? How do we make them to be comfortable with each other if Kogi should become one of the countries?

The tribal war in the states in South South is still very much there. There was a recent report from Cross River state. Will the end of Nigeria and the coming of a South South country end the age long boundary clash and bloodshed? The Ife-Modakeke crisis is still very fresh. Will Oduduwa Republic had stopped the bloodshed? Will Biafra make a typical Igbo man accept an Igbo Muslim as his brother, or end the frequent cult clashed in Anambra and the other South-Eastern states? The list is very long and cut across every state.

Even within tribes, we have had clannish crisis that had claimed several lives and properties worth trillions of naira. etc. Is Nigeria responsible for such senseless destruction of lives and properties of people we know?

A country anywhere in the world is just a landmass that bring people together under a government, just the same way most states brings different tribe together under a state government. It is up to you what you make out of it.

It is not Nigeria that is responsible for you to keep voting that piece of nightmare as your state governor who also appoint another piece of nightmare as your LG Chairman. They retire to Senate without any complain and you still blame Nigeria for your stupidity. If we channel this our BIGOTRY ENERGY towards demanding for good governance from our governors, you would have being so comfortable in your state that you may not even remember you are in Nigeria or even bother who the president of the country is.

The story of our intolerance towards each that have been brought forward into the 21st century is the story of the failure of critical intelligence. That we have refused to tolerate each other in our respective states or communities is not because of Nigeria as a country. It is because most of us are sick and in dare need of deliverance.


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