By Ismail Auwal

In a rally organized to boost his faction of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kano, which is in a clash with Gov Ganduje’s mainstream group, Senator Ibrahim Shekarau has claimed that only people who pledge allegiance to Ganduje, his wife (Hafsa Umar Ganduje), and the factional Chairman, Abdullahi Abbas, were given political appointments in Kano State in the last few years.

Shekarau, who represents Kano Central, made this claim while lamenting that Ganduje’s decision to sideline him started shortly after the later’s contentious reelection in 2019.

“I was persuaded to join the APC. Adam Oshiomole also pressed on me to run for the Kano Central senate seat,” Shekarau told the crowd of enthusiastic supporters.

Ganduje, according to Shekarau, made sure he accompanied him to all his campaign rallies across the 15 LGAs in order to benefit from his popularity.

He, however,  bemoaned the fact that the narrative changed so quickly after the governor “narrowly won the 2019 election.”

“Shortly after his re-election, the position of the party’s PRO in Kano became vacant. I personally went to see the governor and pleaded with him that the seat should be reserved for one of my loyalists.”

Shekarau further narrated how he kept running back and forth to Ganduje and Abbas for months but, “at different points the governor would say he has to meet with the party chair first, and when I met Abdullahi Abbas he would also say he has to see the governor first.”

“It took them two years to appoint the same person I suggested the party’s spokesperson,” he added.

“They appointed Aruwa to the position just to tell the world that they have appointed my loyalist into the government,” he explained.


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