Why I sing eulogies of Prophet Muhammad – Christian actress 


By Ismail Auwal 

A leading actress in the DadinKowa series of Arewa 24 TV station, Sarah Aloysius, has said that her utmost respect for the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad peace be upon him, is behind the viral video she was seen singing his eulogies in Arabic.

The Christian actress, popularly known as Stephanie, has also joined millions of Muslims from across the world to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet despite her religious background.

Speaking in an interview with SAHELIAN TIMES, Sarah noted that she has a collection of few Arabic poems that eulogize the Muslims’  Prophet.

She said she listens to the songs either at home or while she is driving.

“I first heard the poem from one of my colleagues and I immediately fell in love with it. I asked him to share it with me, and  I continued to play it until I become used to its wordings,” she explained.

Aloysius, however, told our reporter that, the video has attracted both condemnation and support of viewers who expressed mixed reactions after watching it.

“As a Christian, I believe I can go the church and sing praises the same way I praise Jesus, because of the respect I have for him, but many describe my action as that of someone looking for traffic on Social Media, “ she pointed out.

When asked if what she did was a trajectory toward accepting Islam as a religion, she said “Those that wish me good, should continue to pray for the best for me, as only God knows what is best for our lives,” she responded.

“I grew in Maiduguri, and while growing up I have related with people from different religious backgrounds, and I was taught to respect people’s religions.

“We can still be having different religions and still live with one another in peace and harmony,” she said.

Muslims around the world celebrate the birthday of the prophet of Islam, Eid-Maulud in the third month of the Islamic calendar, Rabiul Awwal.  

Events are usually organised to mark the occasion include public lectures, symposia, giving alms, and inviting people to feasts. Preaching sessions are also organised to recite books of eulogy in honour of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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