Women: A tribute


By Abdulhaleem Ishaq Ringim

This word describes a set of a special breed of humans created by God as a product of divine deliberation to complement the other half of a ‘double creation’ as in the many other doubles He has created; right and left, up and down, men and WOMEN! 

And in His infinite wisdom, God divinely established that apart from His pioneer human creation[Prophet Adam A.S], all other humans would only be brought into this world by a member of this cherished breed: a WOMAN! 

Her body, as divinely defined holds structures with multitasking tendencies that are essential to LIFE itself. 

An example is one which acts as a means of preserving and sustaining the activity of the child-bearing structure(the womb) by serving as a route for evacuating products of uterine maintenance as defined by the uterine cycle; and a route for child-making and child-delivery processes. Life itself to a large extent revolves around the WOMAN.

And yet again in His divine insight defined the woman by structure and physiology as the very first means of subsistence for any human that is conceived and birthed. 

What a creature! 

And then God commanded respect for them. His Prophet peace be upon him preached obedience to them, demanded protection for them and mandated protection of their rights. 
Never were they defined by the scriptures and books of religious references as filth, nor were their bodies ever described as tools for objectification — and certainly not as exclusive tools for derivation of sexual pleasure! 

Today, like every other day, we celebrate them who birthed us, sustained us and sacrificed everything to make sure we become responsible humans. We celebrate them who understand us more than anybody else, who are pained by our pains and happy for our happiness. We celebrate them who are and will always be our problem solvers of unmatched proportions. 

Dear Women, my respect for you is beyond what words can describe. My notion of you and your roles in the society is consistent with that of a feminist, except for few details that contradict my Deen’s prescriptions. And my wish and prayer is for a world that understand, promise and sustain you and your rights in the most genuine manner. 

I despise whoever looks upon you as mere objects for sexual gratification or objectifies you in any way. I condemn in the strongest of manners whoever considers you or any part of your body as filth. And I abhor whoever believes your rights are not worthy of protection at all costs. 

I am an incurable and unrepentant ‘HeForShe’ who believes in you and your fight and is completely with you in your advocacy for #breakingthebias. 

Happy International Women’s Day to our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends. 
Happy International Women’s Day to every woman, alive, deceased and even those yet to be born. Happy International Women’s Day to every woman in my life!

Your son, brother, colleague and friend;
Abdulhaleem Ishaq Ringim, a political/public affairs analyst and winner of YouthDigest’s Campus Journalist of the Year Award 2021 writes from Zaria and can be reached via haleemabdul1999@gmail.com

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