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Zazzau emirate query saga: Both sides should be heard


By Jibril Ibrahim Yero PhD

I write at the expense of the possibility of offending some people. People dear to my heart, who maintained that, there’s no use replying to those who are clearly bent on disseminating lies. What could possibly catapult a man to risk himself becoming a pariah in the eyes of his dear ones?

The simple answer for me is: the knowledge that sense of decency, just and fair play no longer matters to those we earlier considered to be in a position which our upcoming generation may look up to. as exemplary in conduct – to be imitated when the current youth are ripe to assume similar positions. Such realisation produce in me a sense of overwhelming outrage. People ought to know the truth and such quack leaders must be confronted- if for nothing else, at least for misguiding the upcoming generation and ensuring that their future too is doomed to have the same kind of bad leadership with which the present generation is mostly tied down.

People should be fair in their assessment of facts. Some antagonists thought that they can kill two birds with one stone in taking advantage of the murky situation which Zazzau emirate was forced into in it’s recently concluded coronation event. For those privy to what has actually transpired, it appears that the planners intentionally planned for the recently concluded coronation event to have failed while at the same time, they bask under the sunshine, with the funds which was lavishly provided to cater for the event. This is aside absconding from official meetings of which their presence is crucial in ensuring stability in the affairs of the state.

Unknown to them, the old Sheriff in town, is still the same strict, watchful old fellow, who’ll not allow public funds to be whimsically mismanaged, at the expense of the general public, whose sweats were consistently taxed to accumulate the fund. As a fair and just leader, the Governor, therefore, continue to insist on accountability on public funds

Insider sources revealed that the query given to some people within the ranks of the emirate, was as a result of misappropriation of large sums of money, which was meant for Coronation ceremony of the Emir of Zazzau. Monies given for security arrangement, receptions, souvenirs, etc were said to have been misappropriated.

The occasion was designed to host only IV carrying guests (within the polo square space), then the non-IV carrying guests at the remaining spaces. Also, arrangements for their security, refreshments and assorted packs of souvenirs, were generously made. Estimates were said to have been made to cater for each and everyone that attended the event, fund allocated but nothing was done. Even adequate canopies and the necessary order, weren’t provided, not to talk of souvenirs and refreshments. It was clear that the mishandling of the event was intentional.

Thank God for friends committee which envisaged such possibilities and provided back up souvenirs at least for some of the dignitaries. Thank God, the Emir was received and greeted by mammoth of friendly crowds, all through. Right from Polo ground, all the way to the palace, people were standing eagerly under the sun, to just tender their homages to the amiable Ameer (oblivious of the fact that some handful of people denied them the generous refreshment that was arranged for them). Despite the antagonists’ efforts, the plan was in the end, partly thwarted, glory be to the Almighty. Now it is time for accountability.

Let these antagonists fear nothing if they’ve done what’s right. Let them come to equity with clean hands if they know they have equitably disbursed the fund which was meant for the general public of Zazzau emirate and their invited guests. Let them show clearly that they did nothing intentional to shame the people of Zazzau in the eyes of their guests, who’ll in turn take stories of their experiences while in Zazzau, to the rest of the world.

It would be timid to resort to “crying first, after hitting first.” It is indeed a bad precedence to our upcoming generations, for leaders at grass-root level, to resort to tale-telling, such as the one they told about a threat on the presiding Judge (Justice Kabiru Dabo), who confirmed that nothing of sort has ever happened to him. Recruitment of junk journalism isn’t the answer which enlightened people of the emirate want to hear. Coming to terms with factual evidence is what’ll convince the people of their acclaimed victim-hood, not shortsighted propaganda.

Of what benefit is sailing against a whirlpool of tides?

Of what logic is using palms in trying to hide the obvious sun??

To what ends is staking one’s own dignity in the pursuit of that which is definitely ephemeral???


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